Travel Management Services

The purpose of this RFP is to select and enter into a contractual agreement with a successful bidder (s) to manage and coordinate the official travels for ICBA employees, stakeholders and program participants over a period of 3 years. ICBA is interested in securing the highest quality of travel services, maximining service convenience for its employees and various program participants, while minimizing travel cost and developing a database that will give ICBA an accurate reference to its travel expenditure patterns. As a non-profit agricultural research center, ICBA collaborates with International organizations around the world to develop solutions for saline and marginal environments. These partnerships engage the scientists at the center who participate in workshops, seminars and training. Our main destinations include Morocco, Rome, China, Uzbekistan, Belgium, Germany and recently the Sub-Saharan African Region.

Expression of Interest Deadline: 
Thursday, September 26, 2019
Proposal Submission Deadline: 
Sunday, October 6, 2019 - 23:59
ICBA Procurement Section